• Location: West Pennant Hills
  • Job Type: Fire Damage
  • Specialisation: Contemporary Home


This was a unique “pole house” construction on a steep parcel of land.  A fire in the Kitchen, at the heart of the three level house spread to the middle and upper rooms, destroying Kitchen, Bathroom, Entertainment room, Bedrooms and Laundry.  The main roof area was covered in clear acrylic sheeting which provided its own challenges.

Another challenge was that the Owners were on an overseas “trip of a lifetime” and consequently we undertook much of the reconstruction without their presence on the site.

The Owner had built the house, and had used unorthodox materials in the fabric, such as composite insulation panels as flooring, so structural compliance was a strict requirement.

When we completed the project we were advised this building was one of a number designed by the Architect but the only one built to the original specification – indeed unique.