• Location: Queens Park, Eastern Suburbs
  • Job Type: Addition of conservatory
  • Specialisation: Glasswork, framework.


This large room was built onto the single storey terrace house in the 1970s era, in timber and glass.

Unfortunately, a lack of attention to detail with the base meant moisture from the outside paths damaged the timber base, and attracted termites up the concealed spaces in the support columns.

Consequently, the entire structure required demolition and reconstruction.
The new structure was seated on a concrete plinth we built to get the base off ground level and away from rainwater contact.

The framing was powdercoated aluminium and the glass was laminated “Low E” for low energy transmission.

As the before and after images show, the aluminium frame members are more slender than the original timber so the area of glass was increased.

The result was a renewed light-filled living space to last for decades.
The termites will not revisit this structure.