We are not national builders who promise everything to everyone in every state.

We are niche builders who pride ourselves on our communication, workmanship, attention to detail, and respect throughout your project.

Veterans of the building industry for over 30 years, we stake our name on our conduct and client satisfaction.


Our straightforward approach to managing projects elevates us above our competitors.
It keeps our clients informed and up to date, ensuring full transparency and peace-of-mind.

1. Acknowledge

Acknowledge request from Loss Adjuster, Strata Manager or client.

2. Initial Site Visit

Commit to an appointment and most importantly turn up on time.

During this meeting we explain the process to the client.

3. Project Quotation and Approval

Our Quotations / Scope of Works are clear, concise and easy to understand.

Once the quotation is approved we issue a contract and advise a project timeline.

4. Signed Contract and Commencement

On contract return a handover is provided from the Estimator to one of our Supervisors (who are qualified Builders in their own right).

5. Project Supervision

All our jobs are Supervised – that’s our point of difference.

We let the client know who will be working on their home, we just don’t turn up.

SGB maintains longstanding relationships with all our regular tradespeople.

6. Respectful Conduct

Our people lay protection throughout your home or premises area and install dust and weather barriers if necessary.

Your home or premises is treated respectfully when we are on site, and our tradespeople leave your project immaculately clean and tidy.

7. Project Completion

Our Supervisors obtain completion forms for every job.

Clients are able to provide feedback on all parts of the project.

On project completion, these are submitted with the project invoice